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Roeder Rewards

Earn, Save, SMILE with Roeder Rewards!

You are the star of the show! A great orthodontic result cannot be achieved without your help and cooperation! Dr. Roeder encourages you to earn Real Rewards for Real StoresSimply take great care of your teeth, gums and braces throughout the course of your orthodontic treatment plan, and get special rewards for your hard work!  Roeder Rewards is RO’s fun incentive program designed exclusively for our orthodontic patients as recognition for their positive efforts in maintaining good oral hygiene, excellent appointment attendance, good elastic and appliance wear, and overall great cooperation.


You can earn Roeder Reward Bucks several ways:

  • New Patient Exam ($3)
  • On Time Arrival ($1)
  • Excellent Oral Hygiene ($1)
  • Nothing Loose or Broken ($2)
  • Excellent Elastic, Appliance or Retainer Wear ($1)
  • Wearing Official T-shirt to Visit ($1)
  • Each Baby Tooth Lost Since Last Visit ($2)
  • Each ‘A’ Earned on Report Card ($1)
  • Dental Cleaning and Check Up Certificate ($5)
  • Referring a Friend or Family Member ($10)

Patients may earn gift cards to spend at some of their favorite stores, just by committing to doing their part in making sure their treatment plan moves along as efficiently as possible. Patients are awarded Roeder Reward “bucks” at regularly scheduled orthodontic appointments. After an appropriate number of “bucks” are accumulated, they may be redeemed for an awesome gift card to spend any way you want. Simple, fun, exciting!

Program Guide and Coupons

Download the Roeder Rewards Program Guide Here!

Download the Roeder Rewards Program Guide Here!

Please check out the program guide for the RO Roeder Rewards Program! It contains a menu for actions that can earn Roeder Rewards Bucks, and the amounts you can earn per visit. Each time you come in for a visit at our Asheville office, you can earn bucks and save them to be applied towards real gift cards for local and online stores.

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Download Cleaning Coupons Here!

Download Cleaning Coupons Here!

RO patients have the chance to earn bonus Roeder Rewards bucks by bringing this coupon with you to your regularly scheduled dental cleaning. All you need is to have your hygienist sign off on this coupon, and bring it your next RO visit in order to redeem it for $5 in Roeder Rewards Bucks!

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Roeder Rewards and Roeder Rookies

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