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ITero Scanner

iTero™ Digital Impressions

For Invisalign patients, Roeder Orthodontics in Asheville offers a new way to capture the landscape of patient’s teeth with iTero™ Digital Orthodontic Impressions. Instead of taking messy tooth impressions for Invisalign, by having patients sit still in a chair with a mouth full of goop waiting for it to set up, Dr. Roeder uses the iTero scanner to easily and comfortably map out the intricacies of the teeth and surrounding tissues.

ITero Scanner Roeder Orthodontics
  • The state-of-the-art iTero™scanner quickly takes a digital, 3D image of your teeth.
  • Both you and Dr. Roeder can watch the 3D image render in real time as the scanner captures every peak and valley of your teeth.
  • The iTero™ Scanner helps consolidate uncomfortable and timely steps. As a result, we no longer have to expose patients to the monotony of having to sit with a mouth full of gooey impression material, waiting for it to set, removing it, packing it, and ultimately shipping it to a lab to be scanned into orthodontic aligner, molded, and then waiting for it to be shipped back.
  • The iTero™ scanner sends the digital images directly to the Invisalign lab and becomes lab to use the next day.
  • Faster turn-around time for patients and who get to experience a high quality aligner, and straighter teeth sooner.
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Dr. Roeder uses the iTero™ Scanner to improve the accuracy of his Invisalign impressions, and to help patients experience the comfort they deserve while in the orthodontists chair. We encourage you to come into Roeder Orthodontics for a free consultation to discuss how we can change your life though Invisalign treatment. We help patients experience the clear benefits and joys of Invisalign treatment. While most patients live in Asheville, NC, we also welcome patients from Weaverville, Fletcher, Black Mountain, Canton, and beyond.

The best choice for patient comfort and precision

“There is no doubt, this advanced orthodontic technology improves the comfort and treatment accuracy for my patients.”  – Dr. Jeffrey Roeder