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Open Bite Malocclusion

An open bite is an oral condition wherein the upper front teeth do not make contact with the lower teeth when the jaw is closed.  As a result, it creates a visual illusion that the mouth is never closed, showcasing the openness in-between the teeth.  Open bites are typically not a common condition, but they do exist.  For some, the concern is purely aesthetic, but others may experience trouble biting, chewing, or eating certain foods, as well as problems with speech or other functions of the teeth and mouth.

Dr. Jeffrey Roeder encourages assessment of open bites because the severity of the condition can have additional impacts on the function and pressure of the joints of the jaw.  If there is too much pressure, or tension on neuromuscular structure, strain, headaches, or pain in the region can result.

What are the causes of an open bite?

 There are several factors which can continue to an open bite:

  • Thumb sucking – the force of suction and pressure causes front tooth movement
  • Tongue thrusting – the repeated force of the tongue applying pressure to the back of the front teeth creates open bite
  • Speech conditions – like lisping can contribute to open bite
  • Jaw alignment – if the top and bottom jaw aren’t aligned, the bite can be misaligned
  • Genetics – lineage plays a large role in the development of physical characteristics

In most cases, Dr. Roeder treats open bites with traditional orthodontic options.  In moderate to severe cases, there may be additional steps to treatment, including jaw surgery.  If surgery is needed to correct the condition, Dr. Roeder and his team will work closely with an oral surgery specialist to coordinate and ensure comprehensive care.  Read more about how Roeder Orthodontics works closely with other dental and medical specialists for a multi-disciplinarily approach.

For questions about orthodontic treatment options, call us at 828-274-2500 or send us a message to schedule a complimentary consultation.  We’ll perform an examination, and look at all the options, including cost and treatment time estimates for orthodontic treatment at our office in Asheville.

The Importance of Orthodontic Retainers

Wearing retainers after braces is equally as important as the orthodontic treatment itself.  A large portion of patients will spend between 9 and 24 months in orthodontic treatment.  Much of that time is spent forecasting tooth movement, and properly aligning both the teeth and the bite.  Whether you wore clear braces, metal braces or Invisalign,  Roeder Orthodontics will help you and your family learn the important requirements of proper retainer wear in order to protect your investment in healthy and straight teeth.

Simply put:
Retainers help keep teeth in their new positions.

It can take time for your mouth to learn the new position of your teeth.  Wearing  your retainer faithfully for the first year and beyond is the best way to ensure your teeth retain their proper alignment and don’t move back towards their previous locations.


Roeder Retainer University

Roeder Retainer University (RRU) is a exclusive program only offered to patients of Roeder Orthodontics in Asheville, NC.  RRU is 12-month course to monitor the comfort and performance of retainer wear. Patients and parents are encouraged to take part in four appointments over the course of a year to ensure their smile stays stellar. As a benefit to those who comply with the course and attend the appointments, there are patient rewards and acknowledgement for success.

Orthodontic retainer quick tips:

  • When not in your mouth, always keep your retainers in their designated container. Wrapping them in a napkin or tissue means you are more likely to mistake them for trash and accidentally throw them away.  Digging through garbage is not fun.  Keep your retainer in a safe location!
  • After your braces are removed, come into Roeder Orthodontics for NO-COST retainer checkups, once every three months with our Roeder Retainer University Program.
  • If  your retainer begins to fit improperly, give us a call right away at 828-274-2500
  • Teeth continue to move as you age and mature, wear your retainers as long as Dr. Roeder recommends.

At Roeder Orthodontics, More Than A Smile means  we care about more than just your teeth during orthodontic treatment.  We place extraordinary focus on quality relationships with patients and their families, and look beyond the smile into how your personal habits can impact the health and beauty of your teeth over a lifetime.  This includes ongoing retainer wear!  Which is why we hope you’ll continue to return to our office every few months for no-cost visits to monitor your teeth position and retainer wear.

Feel free to stop by our office at 22 Medical Park Dr. in Asheville, or contact us online.  We serve patients from all around Buncombe County and beyond.

Orthodontic Affordability

Dr. Roeder and his orthodontic team believe in making positive changes towards better oral health.  As a result, Roeder Orthodontics offers flexible financing and payment options for patients around Asheville who are seeking either clear or metal braces.

Different types of braces may vary in cost, and the fee can be dependent on how long you need to wear your braces, and the complexity of your individual circumstances.

Roeder Orthodontics Fee Estimator:

Check out our new web-based fee estimator!  You can calculate how much you can afford monthly, down payment amount, and any insurance credits to find out the approximate number of monthly payments.

For more specific information about costs and financing,  we recommend visiting Roeder Orthodontics at 22 Medical Park Dr, Suite C in Asheville for a free orthodontic consultation.

 What can I expect when determining payment options? 

 Before talking about payment choices, we first want to help you choose an orthodontic treatment which best serves your individual needs and lifestyle.   Your tooth position, (gaps, crookedness, wisdom teeth) all can play a role in determining the optimal treatment path.

  1. You’ll meet one-on-one with a treatment coordinator to review  specific details about your treatment length, your goals, and level of comfort with treatment.
  2. Discuss the cost of the treatment, and all the benefits you receive during and after orthodontic treatment, including free retainer checks for the first year after treatment.
  3. Review the payment or financing options you want to explore, including monthly payments, 3rd party financing, and more.
  4. Help you chose the options that align best with your budget.
  5. For some, orthodontics may not be the affordable choice at the moment. If circumstances change, we are still here to help you manage the process and payment variables.

 Financial services offered by Roeder Orthodontics include:

  • In office payment plans–all with no interest
  • Low down payments and low monthly payments
  • We file your insurance for you so you get your maximum benefit
  • Payment accepted through flexible spending accounts
  • Family discounts for multiple family members
  • Orthodontic financing available through CareCredit.
  • We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover; and payments through PayPal


Consult with a Roeder Orthodontics team member about treatment options and monthly cost estimates to straighten your smile. Call Roeder Orthodontics today at 828-274-2500.

The far reaching benefits of straight teeth

If someone told you that you could improve your heart’s health, boost your self-esteem and happiness, and lower your risk of headaches all by having straight teeth…would you believe them?  If you said no – rethink your answer. These ailments, along with numerous others, are in some cases directly related to the positioning of your teeth.

Benefits of straight teeth include:

  • Easier to floss

Straight teeth allow for easier flossing which keeps gums healthier and less prone to infection and swelling. Regular flossing is connected to improved cardiovascular health.

  • Easier to clean

Teeth that are straight are easier to brush and clean professionally. Clean teeth prevent bad breath and other unfavorable conditions like plaque and tartar buildup.

  • Easier to chew and bite comfortably

By aligning the teeth, there is an improved distribution of force and wear patterns on front teeth and molars. Misaligned teeth can cause jaw tension and headaches, and orthodontics can correct the alignment and relieve tension.

  • Increased self-confidence

No longer do people have to hide their smile because of teeth misalignment. Individuals who have had orthodontic treatment feel confident to show their smile and without fear of judgment.

  • Reduces risk for expensive restorative dental procedures in the future

Because teeth are easier to clean and maintain, and the bite is properly aligned, teeth and associated supporting structures are less likely to break or prematurely age.

If you were not lucky enough to be born with straight teeth you are not alone.  Dr. Roeder serves patients in and around Asheville, NC and has over 20 years of experience helping adults, teens and children with their orthodontic needs.

After completing a thorough initial examination and assessment, Dr. Roeder will create a treatment plan tailored to your specific circumstances and goals

Come visit our office at 22 Medical Park Drive, Suite C, in Asheville for your free consultation.  We’ll review all your options and costs to ensure there are no surprises during treatment.  Call Roeder Orthodontics at 828-274-2500 or visit our website.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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