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10 things to consider when choosing an orthodontist

When searching for a new orthodontic provider, there are many factors to consider. Choosing an orthodontist wisely can save time, effort, expense and hassle. Use the below items as a guide to select the right office for you and your family.

1. Ongoing Education and Training

Doctor and team experience should go beyond basic training. While it takes additional schooling to be a qualified orthodontist, ongoing training and learning new techniques through continuing education means your orthodontist is best equipped to guide and bring value to your orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Jeffrey Roeder not only regularly attends many continuing education courses in orthodontic treatment and techniques. He is a certified specialist in the Damon System®, Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen® and also leads a local Asheville, NC study group devoted to the advanced dental techniques of Spear Education.

2. Financial Flexibility

For most patients, determining what they can afford is a major decision point with any type of treatment. An orthodontist’s office should meet with you in advance of treatment to discuss payment options and arrange payment plans if necessary.

Roeder Orthodontics offers:

3. Office Location

Office proximity to work, home or school is a benefit to most, as it ensures appointments are easier to attend which allows treatment to proceed on schedule. However, some people prefer to travel greater distances because they like the treatment options and care provided by the qualified orthodontist and caring team.

Whether you like short or long drives, Dr. Roeder is centrally located in Asheville, NC, right off of I-40 and Sweeten Creek Rd. The office address is 22 Medical Park Drive, Suite C Asheville, North Carolina 28803.

4. Offers Early Intervention

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children visit an orthodontist by the age of 7 for a growth and development assessment. Phase 1 Treatment is tailored for younger children to allow correction of orthodontic problems before they become severe. For some patients, Phase 1 treatment may prevent extraction of permanent teeth and allow future treatment to be much easier for the patient.

Roeder Orthodontics will perform an evaluation and suggest any Phase 1 Treatment if indicated. RO also offers a program called Roeder Rookies which is an exciting club for patients who are in line for full braces one day, but who aren’t quite ready yet. Roeder Rookies is open to all Roeder Orthodontics patients who have completed a new patient exam and are seeing Dr. Roeder for growth and development check-ups. New patient exams and growth and development checkups are offered at no cost to you.

5. Available for Emergency Treatment

You want to choose an orthodontist who will be there for you when you need them. Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen and if they do, you want to be confident your orthodontist will be available to help.

Roeder Orthodontics has special 24 hour and after-hours availability and instructions for patients who need urgent or emergency care. Please contact our office if you have questions about emergency care.

6. Office Culture

Having an enthusiastic and caring team makes orthodontic treatment fun. When you have a team with synergy, patients and parents alike also feel the excitement. Our team truly connects with each patient and establishes a positive relationship. Our reviews reflect this caring and supportive approach and is what sets us apart from other orthodontic practices.

Smiles are contagious, and at Roeder Orthodontics, you’ll find smiles on our team members every day. Our office has a lot of natural sunlight, entertainment options, refreshments, music, movies and free wifi. Learn more about what sets RO apart.

7. Wide Variety of Treatment Options

Unlike yesteryear, when orthodontic patients had few choices when it came to treatment, there are now several options for adults, teens, and children. We believe making a decision that is comfortable and affordable leads to successful patient outcomes.

Roeder Orthodontics offers:

8. Community Involvement

Being part of the community means giving back to those who could use assistance. Whether helping those in need or sponsoring local sports teams, finding an orthodontist who gives back helps you feel good about your choice.

Dr. Roeder supports many local community groups and charities. Roeder Orthodontics is a member of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce, and supports the Asheville Business Community. Read about our sponsorships – Asheville Community Involvement.

9. Incentives for Patient Cooperation

Believing in the best outcome for treatment, encourages teens and young adults to be an involved participant in their orthodontic treatment.

Roeder Rewards is a perk offered to patients who are cooperative during their treatment. Roeder Rewards can be saved and cashed in for gift cards to use online or at local stores.

10. Patient Testimonials

Are other people willing to share their opinion on their experience? Look on the search engines and social media for recent experiences that patients have shared.

I had heard very good things about Roeder Orthodontics and was pleased to find it was very true. I didn’t experience a medical team it was more like friends helping me achieve my goals who were just as excited as I was. A lovely experience indeed.
— Madie B.

For more reviews, visit our recent patient testimonials page.

Trust your care to professionals with a proven history of successful outcomes. Professional experience is more than just a number, it is about connecting with patients and listening to their needs. When meeting in-person with an orthodontist, ask to see before and after photos, and inquire about treatments that are similar to your own circumstances. To see the Roeder Orthodontic difference for yourself, contact us, or simply come into our office. We look forward to meeting you!